Flood Risk - Assessment and Management

Seasonal flooding in the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB) is a common phenomenon, seen to have many benefits. Increasingly however, the critical beneficial level of the flooding is being reached and surpassed, causing extensive loss and damage. Rapid development, urbanisation, demographic growth and climate change are accelerating the magnitude of impacts caused by floods. Climate change, extreme weather events, and shifting meteorological conditions are causing uncertainty in flood risk, amplifying the need for an integrated risk management approach. Mitigation measures must protect vulnerable communities whilst conserving the beneficial aspects of flooding; as 80% of residents in the LMB rely on the river for livelihood and food.

MMA understands that flood risk assessment requires an appreciation of the different types of flooding; their characteristics, probabilities and extents, as well as how they can be simulated. We use a number of different tools, including 1D, 2D, and 3D flow models, geographical information systems (GIS), and take into account all stakeholders, to assist us in supplying recommendations tailored to your individual requests. We take an integrated, dynamic approach to our management strategy suggestions, to ensure informed decision making to reduce the exposure and impacts of floods in the region.