MMA at the 2017 Second European HEC Software Conference, London

MMA was at the second European Conference on HEC Software in London in July 2017 following on from the highly successful first HEC European Workshop in October 2016 when Tony Green presented for a session on sediment modelling.

The Workshops have been lead by key HEC developers who travelled from the US to impart valuable insights on the continuing development of features of HECRAS 5 both 1D and 2D models.

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Weather Station Installation

We have been operating a weather station from our head office in Phnom Penh for nearly 3 years now, as accurate meteorological data in the region has previously been difficult to obtain. Comparing the rainfall recorded with a manual gauge, it was found that the station under recorded the heaviest rainfall events in 2016 by around 20% depending on wind conditions. A new 'aerodynamic shape raingauge cone is now installed and will be tested in 2017 wet season to see if the performance is better than the old style cone.
Results are published to the web and available on: